Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 1, 2022

This Privacy Policy only applies to Caretaker services. This Privacy Policy is intended to provide information to you/Caretaker Users about how Caretaker collects, uses, shares, processes, and secures User Personal Data for Caretaker services. By using Caretaker services, the User understands that Caretaker will collect and use User information as described in this Privacy Policy. The use of Caretaker is managed by the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The definitions used in this Policy refer to the definition explained in the Terms of Use.

Caretaker will give notice to the User if there is a change to this Privacy Policy by posting it on this page and/or writing the date of the latest privacy policy update.


Data that we request from you

When you create a Caretaker account, you provide personal data information in the form of an Identity Card (KTP) or another identification card, phone number, email address, your patient data healthiness and fitness, the siblings, and current tools to
to support the health

Data that we collect automatically

When you sign, we will automatically collect IP Address, login information, geolocation, and browser version.

Data that we collect from Third Parties

Users can create a Caretaker account through a third party to access or use services provided by the third party. The third party is the registration authority appointed by Caretaker, then the personal data information that you provided at the time of registration will be forwarded to Caretaker to create your Caretaker Account.


The Personal Data that User provides will be used to provide product services from Caretaker, such as:

  1. Use personal data information to create a Caretaker Account and provide Caretaker Services.
  2. Collect and record data related to the signing process electronically.
  3. Give out information related to the use of Caretaker User Accounts, such as service usage information and promotional information.
  4. Updates and improve products and services to the Caretaker User.


Caretaker will openly disclose sufficient Personal Data mentioned in the Mobile Application by Caretaker as needed to fulfill the Caretaker Service used by the User.

Caretaker does not sell and/or share User Personal Data with other parties without the User’s consent. Caretaker guarantees that only User and other parties are approved by User that can access and/or view Electronic Documents uploaded through the User’s Account.

When you give consent to a third party to use Caretaker Account to access or use services provided by a third party, the third party’s use of personal data of users is subject to the terms and conditions and/or privacy policy of each third party.

Caretaker may use or disclose the User’s Personal Data in the context of complying with legal and regulations, in the context of law enforcement processes or taking further preventive actions related to unauthorized activities, suspected criminal acts, or violations of laws or regulations.


We carry out security and safeguard measures with care to protect the confidentiality of User’s personal data from time to time. Any content uploaded and sent by the User to Our Services will be stored securely and sent confidentially using industry electronic information security standards.


Access Request

The User has the right to access the User’s Personal Data stored on Caretaker. Access requests to personal data can be made by giving notice to Caretaker through Caretaker’s contact listed on this page.

Request for Change

The User has the right to change the User’s Personal Data stored on Caretaker. Changes, additions, or updates to personal information and data can be made by giving notice to Caretaker through Caretaker’s contact. Caretaker has the right to verify the changes, additions, or updates of the personal information and data by the Caretaker’s procedure.

Request for Removal

Based on the User’s request, Caretaker will delete the User’s Personal Data from the Caretaker system.

Request for User Rights and further questions regarding how Caretaker operates its Privacy Policy can be submitted through your notice to us as explained below.

Notification from Us

Any notice from us that addressed to you or User will be announced via Mobile Apps and email or User’s Short Message Service (SMS) registered on Caretaker Account or Ours.

Notification from You

Every notification from you or the User addressed to us becomes effective when the notification is received by us through email address

and/or through physical documents send to Menara BTPN, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta

Telaga Sarangan Raya No. 198-199, Bekasi